You have great ideas. But can you get them into someone else’s mind effectively?

The smallest details of language can make a significant difference. Let me help you make your words dance.

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English is hard

English, as a language, makes very little sense. The rules of grammar can seem like just a series of exceptions, spelling comes from at least three distinct parent languages, and punctuation- there are at least four different flavors of pause available alone! There are many people with brilliant ideas, unfortunately muffled by the difficulty of navigating this maze of language. If English is your second language, I can help you sharpen your thoughts, and let your ideas shine through.

Technical Difficulties Welcome

I have experience in the tech industry, having been at various times a system administrator, a front end developer, a hardware hacker, and several other related things. I have also developed complex lighting systems for night clubs, helped build large-scale fire art, and written code to drive real time video performance. As a Science Fiction author, I keep updated on the latest trends in technology, and have at least a passing interest in every branch of the sciences. My preferred editors are emacs and vim, I use git for version control of my fiction, and install pandoc on every computer I use.

My point is this: I am not afraid of your technical document. Some of my past copy editing projects have included papers on Machine Learning (including GANs), multi-tier caching, and storage performance scaling. I am comfortable working with complex technical ideas, and I make certain to communicate with clients to ensure I do not introduce changes of meaning in fields I do not have a full understanding of.

Fear No Deadline

I often work with clients in academia operating in a collaborative environment where papers are mutable up to the last minute. I am used to scheduling my work such that I am one of the last people to touch a paper, in order that I can correct any errors that get introduced in late-night deadline crunches. I generally use Overleaf with clients, and am comfortable with raw \LaTeX.

If you would like to know more, you might wish to visit my rate sheet. If you would like to see what other clients have to say about working with me, please see my testimonials page. This page will tell you everything we will need to get started. If you are already excited to work with me and just want to get started, or if you have any questions, please do send an email to I look forward to working with you!