Questions before we begin

There are a few things it will be useful for both of us to know in order for a project to go smoothly. It’s not necessary that you be able to answer all of these questions, but it will save you some time if you’ve at least thought about them before we begin.

  • Do you have a preference toward reducing or increasing word count? If you are working toward a tight word count for a journal submission, I can prioritize concision, but if not, I can allow for more subtle or elaborate language.

  • My base rate is $60/hr, with a minimum of 4 hours. The depth of editing I do will affect the amount of time spent on edits, and thus, the cost (please see my Rate Sheet for more details). Given these parameters, please give me an idea of the degree of editing you would like me to do; light, line editing (sufficient for most journal or conference papers) or a deeper pass focusing on flow and cohesion (recommended for narrative nonfiction, grant proposals, or other less formally constricted formats).

  • In conjunction with the answer above: I will attempt to provide you a rough estimate of the length of time required to perform the edits when I first get access to the documents. If, while working, I determine that the amount of time is going to significantly exceed that, I will communicate with you to determine how to proceed.

  • What is the deadline for the submission?

  • If this is a collaborative document (such as a multiple author paper on Overleaf), is it feasible for me to request a code freeze before deadline? If so, how far out is that practical? A freeze on the document means that no one makes changes other than me. This will ensure that mistakes don’t creep in that I might miss, but I understand that this is not feasible for many projects working against a tight deadline.

If you’ve looked over this list and are ready to begin, contact me!